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Irresistable NARS From Hong Kong

Spent yet another bomb at NARS. I knew I will and set aside some spare cash for them. I have no idea when NARS will be coming to Singapore so I went all out for it this time and I am pretty sure there will be another but not so soon.

Again, the Makeup Assisstent helped me from the very basics, skincare to their newest products. She was very professional and helped out when deciding which products to pick. I kept asking her to calculate prices of all the ones I am interested in so it’s within my budget.

Ok, so let’s start with the foundation. I bought the Sheer Matte Foundation and instead of a loose powder to set, she recommended a Powder Foundation for me. I can either use it alone with a sponge or brush over my foundation lightly to set. Sounds great to me, like a 2 in 1 product.

I must say NARS have the most beautiful Duo Eyeshadows. After this trip, I am a proud owner of 6. This round I bought three namely, Broussesable/black violet, Earth Angelbronzed taupe/olive and Mediteraneemuted gold/burnt orange.

The duos not necessarily compliment each other but some of the colours are pretty unique and they are very pigmented.

Next is an Eyeliner Pencil in Kalisteteal.

The MA demonstrated The Multiple in Lamu, glazed apricot with gold sparkle on my cheeks and I am completely sold. Too weak to resist temptation but on a note, I don’t have such a product so, why not?

Gilda is the third Blush I own by NARS. I was torn between Mata Hari – rose petal pink, Deep Throat – peach with shimmer, Dolce Vita – dusty rose, Sin – berry with gold shimmer, Torrid – coral with shimmer, Taos – desert rose with shimmer and Taj Mahal – burnt orange with shimmer.

Ok, almost every blush!!

I kept reminding myself about my recent purchase 5 Bobbi Brown Blushes & Empty Palettes, so I ended up with only 1.

 This post pretty much concludes most of my shoppings done during this trip. I still have lots to update about Hong Kong but I haven’t got the time to write them yet. Would have to wait till I am back.

Anyway thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Irresistable NARS From Hong Kong

  1. I hope to pick up the Nars foundation at a small discount when the makeup show hits my city in the fall~ It will be due time to buy a new one then so it is perfect timing 🙂

    Anyway sorry for the late reply, but I’m glad to meet another who shares the same liking for miniature things XD The shame in using them is that you use them too quickly, as I find with my mini OPI sets~

    Anyway traveling must be exciting! hope you are having tons of fun!

    • Hi Rasilla,
      Thank you for popping by.
      Travelling have been great but left me poorly again!!
      When I have mini products, I tend to keep them rather then using, which is a very bad habit =(
      Hope you will like the NARS foundation.

  2. Lamu is too glittery for my liking.

    I also prefer sheer glow because sheer matte seems to be a bit difficult for me to blend, and believes it or not, sheer matte actually make my skin secrets more oil and the whole foundation slides, creases & melts down on my face, not pretty!

    Thank God the BA in Selfridges was generous enough to give me a few samples of sheer matte ( Santa Fe ) beforehand.

    Would love to know what you think about sheer matte and NARS powder foundation.

    • I knew you will say that about Lamu.
      Lol. It was too glittery-at-first-sight for me too. It was between Lamu and another similar colour with a lot less glitter, I can’t remember the name. BUT I thought, why not get something out-of-the box?! Going to try Lamu soon.

      Sheer Matte has been treating me well so far, will wear it for a longer period of time and do a writeup about it. If not the BA, you would have wasted on something you totally didn’t like ey?

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