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Back From Australia

Meant to post a “I’m back” status the day I’m back but I have been poorly again!! I had fever straight after I landed in Singapore. I had such a horrible flight experience. It was really warm in the plane and my ears hurt so badly towards the end of the journey.

Don’t think I will be flying again anytime soon.

My temperature went up to 38.7 on Thursday evening. Most of the time, I was resting in my room, sleeping. I didn’t feel any better until Sunday.

Managed to do some work on both days so now I am slightly on the free side. I can’t wait to share with you my Australia adventures but before that, I have to show you the gorgeous hotel I stayed during my recent Hong Kong trip.

Thank you for hanging around while I am gone. I have approved all comments and replied.

4 thoughts on “Back From Australia

    • Hi Amy,
      Thank you!!
      All better now =) YEAH!!
      Hope you have a wonderful holiday in Hong Kong.
      Remember to visit NARS and GA =)
      You are gonna love all the beauty boutiques!!

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