The Journal

A Movie, The Gym And The Steam

Hello everyone.

I am feeling much better, still coughing and having to blow my nose every 30 mins but all good. I guess watching Edward and Jacob helped.

Finally got around to catch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse yesterday afternoon with my sister. She treated me to a Gold Class ticket. Absolutely pampered. I think she felt bad because she watched it in Taiwan without me. We are supposed to watch together.

Earlier this month, I made my one and only goal of July. That is, to hit the gym as often as I can.

I was away until the 8th and poorly until these two days. Haven’t had much chance to exercise but I did it today. Totally blasted the treadmill for 15 mins. Not a huge deal but a big one for me. I have not exercised for years since secondary school. So, yeah!

Went to the steam room for about 10 mins. I was covered with sweat, in and out. Feels great after a cold shower and a glass of ice water.

Pretty much explains why I am still coughing ey?

I also spent 20 mins depotting my Shu Uemura eyeshadows. Acrylic casing doesn’t last a long way you know. The lid for some of them shadows are broken, hanging loosely on one side of the casing. The empty palette Sarah gave me came in real handy. Only thing with the Shu Uemura shadows, they are non-magnetic.

Nothing much this coming weekend. Maybe one or two dinners and a drinking session with some friends. Rest of the time will be spent working and writing posts for this blog. I have so much to share, a few write ups on various products I am loving and looks.

And some shopping.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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