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Breakfast At The Kitchen Restaurant

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We had a late breakfast the day we left as we were taking the afternoon flight.

It was a gloomy and wet morning, we couldn’t be bothered to get out of the hotel so having breakfast at The Kitchen Restaurant seemed like the perfect choice. Or simply the lazy choice.

The interior was very well made up. Cosy corners facing the ocean were hot favourites, but we managed to get one right at the end. We didn’t get any magnificent views due to the rain that morning, what a shame.

As I walked to our table at the end, again, I spotted lots of interesting little things to snap. Simple and everyday items were placed in a not-so conventional way which made everything seemed so interesting – to me at least. Like the hooks as wall decorations and tea pots in the cabinets?

Breakfast was simple too but the poached eggs looked like a ball of fluffy cream. Amazing isn’t it. We were all curious as to how the chef did it. If you know, please tell me.

So yeah, this is our breakfast at The Kitchen Restaurant just hours before our departure. Do find time to have breakfast here next time you are in Hong Kong. Experience the fine dining with a twist even if you aren’t staying there.

I do highly recommend W Hotel, Hong Kong to all of you out there. To stay, to dine or to wine.

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