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Australia’s Adventures: Day 1 – Flight, Cat & The Tram

This is probably the first post of me with zero makeup on. So, be ready and be warned.

We took off to Australia on a fine Thursday night. Met Jessie at the airport for dinner together with the boyfriend. We cleared the customs rather late as none of us were planning to shop at DFS. Us before flying off. It was almost a 7 hour flight journey. Dinner and breakfast were being served on board. Many dislike the food but I must say, I have no real issues eating airplane meals. I find them kinda delicious.

We arrived in Melbourne at approximately 6:30am. Before landing, the cityscape amazed me. Melbourne is so bright and colourful. From above, I could already see the traffic, lots of traffic. Wow, people in Melbourne get up early on a Friday morning ey?

We didn’t have much sleep on board. The seats weren’t exactly the most comfy to fall asleep in and perhaps we were too excited? As much as we know we should sleep but nope, failed. Clearing the Australian customs took a long time with a series of questions asked and q-ing up to scan our bags.

Finally, we are breathing the clean, cold Australian air. Took a taxi to Weili’s place. Poor woman, she had to get up at 7am for us. Thank you so much sweet.

Let’s meet the cat. His fur is so silky and soft. Loved hugging him until I found out he hadn’t bath in a year. What? A year? I was completely shocked but it’s a cats’ thing, it’s normal, they don’t need bathe, they clean themselves. Sorry for being shocked as I have never had a cat and my pet dogs must bathe at least once a week or else, they will stink.

So yea, it’s Fregie Yat Sum he is.

Just before Weili left for work, we went through our tours and plans for the evening. We have pre-booked 3 day tours including skiing at Mt Buller which I will talk about in the upcoming posts. Getting all excited but still tired with no sleep.

Took a nap, just a couple of hours. Trust me, I didn’t want to get up. It was raining outside, it’s cold and I am nice and comfy under the duvet. No… I really didn’t want to get up. But, of course I had to. It would be such a waste if we stayed in. Beat the devil in me, showered, made up, dressed up and got on the tram.

Getting on a public transport was such a challenge for me especially with no sleep. Having to walk 10 mins to the tram station and the wait was a mess. I guess I am just used to having my own car at home. But hey, we managed to purchase the daily pass with little help with the zoning and found our way to town.

Cheers to being a tourist in Melbourne and this is only the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Australia’s Adventures: Day 1 – Flight, Cat & The Tram

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