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Australia’s Adventures: Day 1 – MYER & LUSH

Arrived town in one piece. It took approximately 20 mins from where we were, relatively near. The roads are still wet and we are supposed to meet at LUSH but we were early. Wondered around and we ended up at MYER.

Spot the eye bags and dark circles? We looked like zombies shopping for makeup that day with very little sleep and tired skin. What is there at MYER? Lots of makeup, including NARS, Nude, Philosophy, Eve Lom, Stila and more. We didn’t manage to browse through the clothes and shoes section this day – surely a good thing.

I bought 3 items from Ellis Faas, my first products from them. If you haven’t heard of Ellis Faas, click here > You can also read more about the brand and Ellis Faas’ concept behind this uniquely designed pens here >

Their products are priced above average, slightly towards the high side. Each of these cost approximately AUD$50. The collection is not huge but consist of all the essential shades, hues and finishes.

I got Blush in S301a peachy pink, Creamy Eyes in E107a pale mauve and Creamy Lips in L104a bright fuchsia.

The packaging design is sleek, modern, light and handy. All products come in pen forms, easy to carry around. But I can foresee one problem, that’s the cleanliness of the applicator. In due time, the applicator will need cleaning or replacement, how can that be done?

Not worrying about that at the moment. Am just going to enjoy using the products for the time being.

Next are 3 nail varnishes from Mecca Cosmetica’s own line of cosmetics.

The colours are matte and creamy, applies on smoothly and flawlessly. If you are in a rush, one coat is enough. I got the Painted Beauty Glide On Nail Colour in Maria, Cressida and Thaisa.

It’s getting dark and we need to make our way to LUSH. Like any LUSH stores, you can smell it from miles away. The customer service was excellent. They helped us from head to toe. Colourful and playful products all lined up neatly.

Only 2 soaps this round, rest are hair, bath and lip products.

I bought 2 Spice Curls Soap for the boyfriend. He loves the texture of these soap. A Ceridwens Cauldron, Dreamtime Bath Melt and You’ve Been Mangoed. I also picked up 2 Bath Ballistics.

They were having a promotion for their Hair Care products while I was there. I have never tried any of them so why not? They had mini Solid Shampoo Bars which are absolutely adorable. The box contains a mini Seanik and New Shampoo Bar, Big Volumizing Shampoo, Veganese Vegan Conditioner, The Big Tease Styling Gel, H Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer and a Jungle Solid Conditioner.

And a Sweet Lips Lip Scrub. Jessie loves the lip scrubs. She bought 2 of them, loving and eating them over the counter. Yes, these lip scrubs are 100% edible. And on top of all these, we bought 2 Fresh Face Masks in Oatifix and The Sacred Truth to use during our trip.

Had a cup of latte at a street side cafe after all the shopping, while waiting for Weili. The coffee tastes so good. Loving it.

Thank you Jessie for taking this picture of me speaking to my sister. Weather was cool, loving it too.

6 thoughts on “Australia’s Adventures: Day 1 – MYER & LUSH

  1. Haha, you got Faas E107 as well. Isn’t that a lovely mauve ? Did you buy their makeup container where you could load up to 6 pencils in the cartilage, and a pancake (powder) on the top ?

    I also like E109.

    The problem with Faas is the pen design, YOU MUST BE PATIENCE and ONLY CLICK ONCE or TWICE, and WAIT for the product to come out.

    I prefer David Jones, but Myer is more youthful

    • Yes, it’s such a pretty colour.
      Nope, I didn’t get their holder, I figured out I wont need one for 3 items!!

      OMG, I didn’t click ONCE or TWICE and wait.
      Instead, I continued clicking, clicking and clicking until the product came out.
      Hope I didn’t damage the pen by doing so =(

  2. Hi Joey
    I discovered your blog by chance some weeks ago and I am going through the archive posts. I was in Melbourne last Sep and looking at your Melbourne posts brought back a lot of wonderful memories 🙂 I visited Myer and David Jones as they were just next to the hotel we stayed at – Mercure Welcome, how cool could that be? 🙂 Also visited Mecca Cosmetica, my God, they have so many brands! We also had pancake at Pancake Parlour!!! But the Aussie prices can be a killer… That’s why we didn’t really buy much, except I bought 2 lipsticks from Lipstick Queen at Myer, and alot of stuff at Queen Victoria Market 🙂

    • Hi Esther,
      Thank you for popping by and commenting =)
      I miss Pancake Parlour!! OMG, delicious.. And of course the weather!!
      Yes, a cup of coffee by the sidewalk cost $6 Aussie Dollar ~~

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