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Australia’s Adventures: Day 2 – It’s Snowtime At Mt Buller

The day started extra early for us. We got up at 5am that morning to make it in time for our tour bus at 6:30am.

While waiting for the bus, I noticed many people were pretty well equiped, in terms of dressing and I was a little worried. Many were wearing beanies, gloves, scarfs, trainers and they were all having a big bag with them. I assume they are “old birds” who have been there and done that.

First stop was at Mansfield to pick up our ski boards and appropriate clothings. Everything is available for rent at a lower price as compared to prices at Mt Buller itself. This place was packed with people, in much of a chaos, people were squeezing in and out of the Q.

I was tired handling all that Q-ing and carrying the gear even before I started skiing. The ski boards where long, ski boots were heavy and the jacket was all over the place.

For “new birds” planning for a ski trip, I would recommend renting ski clothes, such as pants and jackets. Simply because you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your own clothes dirty. The rented clothings are clean and pretty new so no worries, they ain’t any BO for sale.

After Mansfield, it takes approximately 45 mins to reach foot of Mt Buller where all the buses are parked. Changed into our clothes and ski boats, we took a free shuttle bus up the mountains.

Mt Buller is one of Australia’s premier ski resorts. The ski fields are vast, covering all four sides of the mountain and caters for all levels of skiers, from gentle beginner slopes to spectacular double black diamond chute; plenty of options also exist for non-skiers.

The lift system is fast and numbers 25 lifts in total. Good snow reliability is supported by extensive snow making ensuring plenty of snow.

We had pancakes at Pancakes Plus before heading to the Ski School for our beginner’s lesson with a super cute instructor, Juro.

Some pictures taken before and during the ski lesson. It is a little difficult to take pictures during the lesson as my main worry was falling over. I really didn’t want to fall over with my camera in hand, you know?

We were blessed with sunny weather that afternoon. It wasn’t as cold as I expected it to be, probably due to the exercise. So, if you are going to be skiing, I would say a comfortable long-sleeve T-shirt and a scarf would do the trick in keeping you warm under the rented jacket.

First 5 mins of me on the skis was scary. I couldn’t walk in them and I couldn’t move forward. I kept skiing backwards and that’s not good. Not suppose to be back-stroke you know? After the initial start-up, I was all good and ready for the next level which will be my next trip to a ski resort.

I can’t roller blade, neither can do I ice-skate but skiing? I am a natural!! Managed to take more pictures at the end of our lesson. Didn’t manage to catch Juro in the pictures tho, he skied off right after the lesson.

We were happy skiers of the day.

If you have a few extra days to spare, I strongly suggest you stay at one of the hotels at Mt Buller. Perhaps a 3 days’ stay is a reasonable time frame to enjoy the snow and activities there is to offer.

Joining the day tour can be fun if you are out to try something new but don’t wish to commit. Day tour is super rush and tiring. By the time we reached the mountains, a simple meal, went for our ski lesson, it’s time to Q up for the shuttle bus so we will be on time for our tour bus.

Too short a time to really enjoy Mt Buller I would say.

Just a couple more things if you plan to go on a ski trip; (1) sun block is crucial despite the cold weather, (2) thick socks so your feet won’t hurt from wearing those heavy ski boots, (3) loose and comfy clothing [I wore a long sleeve T-shirt with thick legging], (4) gloves & sun glasses and lastly (5) an open mind.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Australia’s Adventures: Day 2 – It’s Snowtime At Mt Buller

    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you for the compliments.
      I am wearing zero makeup for Mt Buller, too early for makeup that day!!
      I am currently using EL ANR together with EL Idealist.

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