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Australia’s Adventures: Day 3 – St Kilda Beach Market & The City

Lots of camwhoring for Day 3 of our trip. Started once we stepped out of the house, while walking to the tram station and waiting. I guess it’s part of the “let’s kill some time” situation. And it surely helped. Today, we are going to The Esplanade Market at St Kilda. An art market open every Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

We arrived just before noon and the crowd wasn’t as bad as I thought. The most unique thing about the art market which attracted us and probably other people is that all artworks are made by the stallholders. There are no imported goods, everything totally handmade.

Don’t expect the market to stretch across the entire coast line. I didn’t count the exact number of stalls but we managed to get through them rather quickly. But, it’s not the quantity of stalls that matters, it’s the quality of items being on sale. Here is a quick look at some of the things I got.

We managed to peep around town for a bit. Am loving the wall graffiti. People who spray-painted them are pure genius.

Visited Crown Casino too, for a pint and a few games. I don’t gamble but since we are there, why not? I used AUD$40 to play, is that game called “wheel of fortune”? Not much skill needed, just pure luck I guess and a little knowledge on “probability”. I won AUD$10.

Walked around a little longer until night falls and shops closed. I totally adore the colours and streets of Melbourne. Every lane has it’s own character in them, no two are the same. It’s beautiful.

Thank you for looking.

6 thoughts on “Australia’s Adventures: Day 3 – St Kilda Beach Market & The City

  1. Goodonya Mates ! St. Kilda’s Market IS one of the most fun places to visit for sure. AND, you’re absolutely right – everything there is 100% handmade – “Australiana” items: ) This is one of the little known “gems of Melbourne” – always a wonderful city to explore whenever you’re in beautiful Victoria . . . P.S. Was nearby “Luna Park” open when you were there ? It’s another exciting place to go walkabout and enjoy ! Well done with your photo shoot, too.

    • Thank you for popping by Robert.
      Luna Park was open when we were there but we didn’t have time to go in.
      I guess we were real attracted to things at the art market =)
      Some of the clothes are very nicely made.

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