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Australia’s Adventures: Day 3 – Brunch At MART

After St Kilda and before we head down town, we had a wonderful and delicious brunch at MART, located at Middle Park tram stop for tram 96. MART is directly at the tram stop, you will not miss it at all.

I was told brunch on a Sunday is the Melbourne way. In order to “live” and experience that, as a tourist, I had to try it. The atmosphere was very casual, great for even a cup of coffee. It was a little too cold to seat outside during this time of the year but I am sure it would be real nice during summer.

A series of photo taking session took place again while waiting for our food.

Lattes were part of our everyday meals and they tasted real good. Weili had the Corn Fritters which is absolutely heaven. Jessie and I had something a little more conservative – Sausages, Scramble Eggs and she had Mushrooms too. We were hoping for some hash browns but nope, they don’t serve them.

So, if you are in Melbourne, go check this place out.

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