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Australia’s Adventures: Day 3 – Lord Of The Fries & Little Cupcakes

You got to agree with me on this – if a store is set up mainly to sell one thing, that thing must be super good, right?

Welcome to Lord Of The Fries.

I must be living in “lala” land for a long time as I have not heard about this store before. A business going so strong selling only fries? I am real excited to find out exactly how good the fries taste and what’s so special about the fries sold here compared to those at Macdonald’s.

We are on a quest to find out more about these fries. We ordered the French-Canadian for a start. Fries covered with hot brown gravy over melted cheese. Sounds too good to be eaten? We tried Italian on another day.

So, are the fries really that good?

It’s great when eaten HOT. The sauces are indeed very tasty but the fries, to me, just like other chunky fries. Nothing fascinating. The idea of having rich sauces as topping surely is great. I guess that’s what made the whole experience of Q-ing for fries and eating them so different.

Right after the fries, we went for some cupcakes at Little Cupcakes. We have to thank the Crown Casino for making this possible. Remember my winnings of AUD$10? Yes, I spent it on 5 little cupcakes.

The size of them makes it a lot more delicious than those normal ones. It’s bite size and the toppings are just about right. Not too much and not too little. Not too sweet either. We were having a great time with them, as you can see. The chocolate sponge cake base is really good.

All the food pretty much concluded our entire 3rd day. Filled with colours, joy and unfortunately, calories. Up next will be our journey to the Great Ocean Road.

Thank you for reading.

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