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Australia’s Adventures: Day 4 – Great Ocean Road Explorer

Our 2nd day tour for this trip. Today, we will be visiting the Great Ocean Road.

Travel over the West Gate Bridge and enjoy impressive panoramas of Melbourne’s skyline and Port Philip Bay then continue on to Geelong, Victoria’s largest provincial city. Skirt Corio Bay and then to Torquay, start from 300km Great Ocean Road – one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines.

No idea why but I had sleepy eyes throughout the day. And I look super tanned, no fake tan but I used a different powder to set my foundation, that’s why. What do you think?

of our many stops of the day, we had tea, crackers and some cakes to freshen up. It was kinda cold to be honest and I was attracted to the surfers doing their thing!! The coastline and scenery are amazing. Clear blue sky with infinite waters ahead of me. It feels peaceful and relaxing. Not to mention the air is so clean and fresh.

We stopped over at the entrance of the Great Ocean Road for a 5 mins photo break.

Before we continue or I should say, start our journey to the Great Ocean Road Explorer, we had lunch at a small cafe. Our lunch is included with the tour and I tell you, the food is horrible. If you book a tour next time, please don’t book one with meal.

Jessie went for a better, smarter choice of sandwich and I went for noodles which looks great in the picture but it isn’t my cup of tea at all. Thanks Jessie for sharing her lunch with me!!

We had a little time for a walk around before heading onto the bus. As expected, we took more pictures. It took us another 45 mins or so to arrive at the coastal cliffs. Jessie and I have decided to take the helicopter ride.

You should really consider taking helicopter flight for a bird’s-eye view of the stunning south-west coastline. Flights can be taken behind the Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre and will take you over The Twelve Apostles and along the Shipwreck Coast which is a truly stunning sight from the air.

It was truly a breathtaking flight over the most beautiful scenery in Australia. Perhaps a journey over the Twelve Apostles, a flight to the Bay of Islands via London Bridge or take in the beauty of the entire Shipwreck Coast all the way to the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

Twelve Apostles Helicopters offers the highest level of safety and service to make this a day you will never forget. While aboard a scenic flight, we enjoyed an informative commentary on the unique rock formations and history of the Shipwreck Coast by the pilot.

Although it only lasted for less than 10 mins, it’s worth every penny. There is no better way to experience or see the Twelve Apostles than this. It feels completely different viewing them on foot.

One of our final destinations of the day is Loch Ard Gorge. It’s about 10 mins drive from The Twelve Apostles and it is very beautiful.

This trip is very tiring. Having to hop on and off the coach, walk up and down the steps. But the views are fantastic. If you want to take a break from cityscapes, this trip is for you.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Australia’s Adventures: Day 4 – Great Ocean Road Explorer

  1. Joey, you look healthy with a slight tan.

    You mean you were busy peeping surfers getting out of their gears? Haha, no wonder you eyes get tired.

    • Thanks David.
      Haha, I guess you are right!!
      Peeping Tom for the day.
      It’s amazing tho, it was real windy and I bet the water is super cold.
      They must be well strong =)

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