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Australia’s Adventures: Day 6 – Chadstone & The Pancake Parlour

Today is technically our last day in Melbourne because we are leaving early in the morning the next day. We made our way to Chadstone, The Fashion Capital with several things in mind. There are a few ways you can get there, find out more here >

It would be real convenient if you drive but if you don’t, no worries, Chadstone provides free shuttle bus service on most days. It takes approximately 30 mins by bus. Find out more about the Chadstone shuttle bus service here >

Chadstone is huge, like a maze if it’s your first visit. There are 101 things to look at. We can probably spend the entire day there if we aren’t taking the shuttle bus. Sunny day for us and we are enjoying the coldness for one last day.

Before we start shopping, we had brunch at The Pancake Parlour.

At The Pancake Parlour, they replaced toasts with pancakes and it works. There is a large variety of flavours for everyone. And it is interesting to know how eating pancakes can be so fun.

Having a hard time deciding on what to order. Literally spoiled with choices and overwhelmed with the food’s descriptions.

We ordered a pot of hot tea and a glass of home-made ice lemon tea. I had a very traditional breakfast set but instead of toasts, it’s pancakes. And we had hash brown which looks like rosti. The hash brown is really oily, nothing close to rosti. Nope, I didn’t like it but other than that, every thing else were very good.

If you have time, pop by The Pancake Parlour for breakfast. Be sure you have an empty stomach, it’s pretty filling.

Thank you for reading.

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