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Australia’s Adventures: Day 6 – Visiting Inglot

Finally, the day is here.

I am getting all excited about visiting INGLOT for the first time. I have never tested any of their products before and I can’t wait to play with them. First heard of this brand months ago from EnKore Makeup on YouTube. Check out his visit to INGLOT here >

I was told the nearest place to visit INGLOT was at Chadstone: The Fashion Capital and there is a free shuttle bus so, why not? In case you are wondering, yes, we put aside one day and travelled to Chadstone just for INGLOT.

My shoppings at INGLOT.

The first thing that caught our attention was of course, the Freedom System. The number of colours available is simply irresistable. Whether you are a colour fanatic, neutral junkie or whatever, they will be colours for you. And they are very pigmented.

The Freedom System consists of products for the Face, Eyes, Eyebrows and Lips. Endless combination and creation here. I spent over an hour swatching almost each and every colour. It got to a point whereby I had to stop, focus and think carefully which colours I should pick.

It’s like a little girl in a candy shop, I want everything.

I finally decided on the colours and created 2 of my very own Eyeshadow palettes, each AUD$40 including the magnetic palette. Palette 1 (above) – Eyeshadow Pearl 397,  Eyeshadow DS 487, Eyeshadow Pearl 434, Eyeshadow DS 482. Palette 2 (below) – Eyeshadow DS 501, Eyeshadow Pearl 444, Eyeshadow Pearl 419, Eyeshadow Pearl 414.

I also picked up the AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow #35 (AUD$25).

Liquid Eyeliner #35 (AUD$20), Full Metal Eyeliner 521 and 524 (AUD$25 each).

AMC Lip Paint #63 (AUD$20), AMC Lip Gloss 541 and 543 (AUD$28 each).

Makeup Brushes #6SS (AUD$30) and #13P (AUD$22).

A Brushbelt in Patented Synthetic RED (AUD$85).

And 5 Nail Enamel in 202, 204, 205, 346 and 851 (AUD$5 each on promotion). Usual price AUD$15 each.

I spent a total of AUD$413 at INGLOT which I think is totally reasonable. The amount of products I bought and taking into consideration, I can’t get these in Singapore. Everything is worth a try, isn’t it?

The BA were both very friendly, helpful and professional. They helped in everything. She brought me on a guided tour, from primers, foundations to brushes and nail polishes.

Overall, the experience of trying something brand new is exciting. I think the price range for all products are very reasonable and totally affordable.

The wide range of products and colour spectrum is amazing. I cannot conclude on the quality of their products yet as I have not used everything I bought long enough to make a verdict. But those that I have, especially the eyeshadows and liquid eyeliner are brilliant.

The lip gloss smells funny, a little too strong for my liking tho.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

6 thoughts on “Australia’s Adventures: Day 6 – Visiting Inglot

  1. hey great tour 🙂 I’m interested in the inglot liquid eyeliner. can you tell me how it fared on the upper lashline? also is it long lasting? I have oily lids and gel liners smudge on me real bad so wanted to get this one.. thanks hun!

    • Hi Bee,
      Thank you for popping by and commenting..
      I love the colour selection of Inglot Liquid Eyeliners especially the shimmery ones!!
      Generally, I have no problems with liquid eyeliners smudging and these ones lasts pretty well on my lids..
      They dry semi-matte and darker, can be easily removed with makeup removers..
      Benefit Magic Ink is awesome if you are looking for something that can last from day to night but the only things is – it only comes in black =(

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