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Updates Of Myself

Hi everyone, have been a while since I last updated on this blog in real time. I have been really caught up with work recently, not to mention I had some small issues with my personal life and relationship.

Mostly settled now, so no worries.

I guess every one of us go through phrases whereby everything doesn’t seem to be going as planned or accordingly. I am in one of those situations at the moment. Totally in need of spending some quite time for reflections.

On another hand, I coloured and cut my hair again. After my Australia trip, just a couple of weeks back. The front is still long but the back is slightly shorter. The colour is supposed to be ashy-green but it didn’t turn up exactly like that in the photo. I had a few highlights added too!!

A little update on my Goals For July 2010. I did it!! I lost 1.5kg this month. Not a lot but I am proud of my achievement as I am still eating healthily. The other thing I forgot to do before I started this project, I forgot to make measurements of my waist and hips. Any ways I can make up for that now?

July went by so quickly. Started with my holiday, I got a fever again and problems I faced with my life and relationship. There are so many more things I want to write about. I still have a list of product impressions to finish writing and a set of looks to create!! I can’t wait to work on them.

Thank you all who cared, called and messaged me during my down time. I really appreciate everything.

And thank you for reading this post, have a wonderful day ahead.

xx Joey

12 thoughts on “Updates Of Myself

  1. I WANT YOUR REGIME! 1.5kg IS a big deal babe! Good work! Now the hard part is to keep that up ;p Anyway, really glad to see that things are getting better now. Hug you when I see you!!!

  2. Joey, I can’t wait to tell you this.

    I was ordering some slimming product on the net; check out Nude Body Refiner ( and the claims )
    and I came across that has an extensive collection of illamasqua, delivered internationally ( less VAT if outside EU )

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