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MAC Dare To Wear Collection & More


Join the brigade of loud-and-proud who daily dare to declare their own individuality. High-powered pigment and holographic pearl create a crazy-intense, shine-saturated gloss, combined with eyeshadow shades as over-the-top as Lady G Live! Not afraid to DARE TO WEAR? Bravo!

MAC Cosmetics

This collection consists of 12 shockingly bright (well, mostly) eyeshadows and 6 ultra pigmented lip glosses. I only got 3 eyeshadows (each retails at S$26) 2 matte ones in Aqua and Lime, and Winkle in satin finish. I went through my collection of eyeshadows and realised I don’t have that many matte shadows and the ones I have are all neutrals so, why not?

I really like Aqua and Winkle. Another amazing thing I realised, I don’t have that many blues in my collection either, although blue is such a common colour. Lime is good to have because it’s matte and it’s bright. I have many greens in my stash but no bright matte ones, so this is a great hue to have.

Swatches taken indoor with flash.

I picked up more False Lashes in #4, #7, #34 and #36 (each pair retails at S$22) and Liquidlast Liners in Greenplay and Aqualine, each retails at S$33. And 2 brushes, #225 (retails at S$72) and 208 (retails at S$37).

Getting anything from this collection?

I may go back to get Sassy Grass and Louder, Please when the shipment arrives in Singapore. I was told some of the stock for a few colours from this collection hasn’t arrived in Singapore, no dates mentioned yet.

Thank you for looking.

10 thoughts on “MAC Dare To Wear Collection & More

  1. I think Sassy Grass was OOS when I last went to the counter? That’s what I was told anyways. And I was bad – I picked up the Dare To Wear Lipglass *arghhh!* cos I decided it was tooooo pretty – medium pink with TEAL shimmer! LOL!

    • Ekk.. That’s the thing I realised nowadays, different counters provide different information!!
      When did you visit the counter?
      Ahh.. naughty girl!!
      Quick, do a look with that new toy of yours!!

  2. LOL! I didnt even declare the haul on my blog yet *sheepish* and I had actually told Sophia to smack me if I bought another lipgloss … sigh …

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