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Mummy Duck Says “Hi”

Have been such a long time since you meet up with mummy duck. She had been busy baby-sitting these three babies for the last couple of weeks.

Figs and Leaves Shower Soap is packed with little brown seeds that exfoliate the skin. It’s a hard soap base, meaning it doesn’t rub off or melt easily like Porridge Soap. The brown seeds feels slightly ticklish when I massage it on my back and feet. It doesn’t dry my skin and it doesn’t leave any smell behind. Will I buy it again? Probably not as I am not really into hard soaps.

Seanik Solid Shampoo foams up instantly. I would imagine once I start rubbing Seanik on my head, every little bit will start falling apart and break into pieces. I was totally wrong, every little bit of it sticked together until the very end. It lathers up very quickly and surprisingly, it doesn’t dry my hair at all – again, I would have imagined foamy shampoos are drying. I only needed a little each time I wash my short hair. I will surely pick up the full size when I visit LUSH again.

Jungle Solid Conditioner is not my cup of tea. Because I consistently colour my hair, I condition my hair daily so it’s smooth and untangled – much better with short hair now. I am someone who loves super rich conditioners which explains why Jungle is not for me. Even if I massage a lot on, it doesn’t feel conditioned. I will definitely skip this next time and perhaps pick up something else.

Have you tried any of the above before?
What are your thoughts of them?

Thank you for reading.

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