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2 Dior Serum de Rouge

Just a quick entry to share with you my love for Dior’s Serum de Rouge. I bought two more colours from this series and am loving them. I went for a more conventional baby nude-pink and a slightly brighter pink this time, so I can wear them more often as compared to the purple-pink I first got.

Swatches taken indoor with flash.

Have you tried Serum de Rouge yet?
They are amazing.

4 thoughts on “2 Dior Serum de Rouge

  1. baby rose looks fabulous.

    and I’m checking out this range on strawberrynet; cost slightly more than rouge coco though.

    • Rouge Coco & Serum de Rouge are totally different.
      If you are team Rouge Coco, the chances are, you won’t like Serum de Rouge.
      The texture, staying power and overall finish are individual.
      I suggest you try the texture at store before buying online?

  2. Hey, I bought baby rose at dfs!!!! Haven’t try it but soon 🙂 I like hoe soft they are when I swatched them, had a hard time choosing the right colour you know? But I remembered your swatch, lol!!!! Tq babe…

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