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Estee Lauder PURE COLOUR By Tom Pecheux

Estée Lauder very recently launched a new set of eyeshadows designed by Tom Pecheux, which will replace their old/existing collection. This set of eyeshadows were released together with the Blue Dahlia Collection.

I guess it’s about time Estee Lauder create some more interesting shades and Tom Pecheux did a brilliant job. The PURE COLOUR Eyeshadows come in various different textures and a wide variety of shades. The display for these beauties hasn’t arrived when I checked them out two weeks ago and the MA was real nice to show me some of the colours, still in its plastic wrap.

I managed to pick up these 3 colours from the crowd. From left to right, 18 Sepia Sand in Satin Finish, 23 Berry Burst in Shimmer Finish and 61 Emerald Star in Metallic Finish. Each retails at S$36. Pigmentation and texture are both amazing.

18 Sepia Sand in Satin Finish

23 Berry Burst in Shimmer Finish

61 Emerald Star in Metallic Finish

Swatches taken indoor with flash.

I also picked up a PURE COLOUR Gloss in 23 Star Pink in Shimmer Finish. I chose a really light colour so I can’t really comment on the pigmentation but not too bad for a light colour, pretty much like what’s in the tube. I must say the shine is incredible. It also bares a typical scent of the Estee Lauder lip products.

And it’s not sticky, only thing is, it doesn’t come with a brush applicator which I much prefer.

Swatch taken indoor with flash.

Do you think you will pick up anything from the new PURE COLOUR by Tom Pecheux?

8 thoughts on “Estee Lauder PURE COLOUR By Tom Pecheux

  1. Joey, I swatched the same green eyeshadow too and I thot it was sooo pretty – it pulls golden green in some lighting I think (I was rotating my hand outside Metro to show Amy and Soph). I like the navy blue with sparkles too (can’t remember the name now though)

    • Is it Midnight Star?
      That colour is amazing, I didn’t get it because I got the Blue Dahlia Palette.
      And yes, the green has golden reflects in them.. totally breath-taking!!

  2. LOL! i was just abt to comment saying that kas swatched emerald star the other day and it was very very pretty! I dont rem the name of the dark navy blue /s too that is also gorgeous! The e/s singles packaging is very classy and chic too!

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