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My Inspiration Den

At times when I can’t sleep at night, I wonder into my bath room and go through all my makeup seeking for some inspirations for my upcoming looks.

I will swatch almost all my eyeshadows and lipsticks to find the right theme and feel for the look I want to create. I try not to refer to magazines or books for ideas as I want to create something truly for myself and simple for all to achieve. But magazines and books provide some very good and unique application tips plus knowledge so I still flip through them some times.

After I made up my mind on that this goes well with that, I will place all the main ingredients in a tray. Each tray contains eyeshadow bases, eyeshadow colours, blushes, eye liners, lip colours and foundations. I pick highlighters and contouring materials along the way.

Trays are from MUJI. If you are wondering, the mirror, palette holder and containers are all from MUJI.

Do you have any particular place that inspires you?

And if you have any requests for any looks, colours or whatsoever you would like me to explore, let me know. It would be interesting to do a look based on your ideas.

There, you see three trays of my upcoming creations.

8 thoughts on “My Inspiration Den

  1. Umm, I see 3 trays of lovelies from Chanel, Estee lauder, Mac, Shu Uemura and YSL .. ahem … LOL! Ok, not so much inspiration per se, but I sometimes see products in other blogs and then go, “heyy, I have that too .. where is it and why am I not using it?” and then I’ll go dig it up and use. And for a while, I was addicted to looking at bright eyelooks Temptalia created 🙂

    • Reading other’s blog can be super inspiring but it can also be painful!!
      Most of the time I will go “Oh, that’s nice.. should I get it?” and that is BAD =(

  2. I like the minimalistic MUJI storage solutions; those are great containers.

    Good to know that you are that organised, in terms of storage & inspiration, though this freaks me out a bit, cause I am rather spontaneous when it comes to creating a look ( those forgotten/abandoned items in my storage would probably agree with this )

    I would like to see you in :

    1) dark vampy lips & smoky eyes

    2) green lids with bright lips

    3) bronzed & sculpted cheeks with nude lips

    4) coloured brows

    Just a suggestion, up for the challenge? Anyway, I like your FOTD, always a pleasure & source of inspiration. I just got my EL Vita-Mineral powder foundation after reading your post ( the Aussie travel blog )

    • Yes, these containers can last a long time!!
      Simple and nice.
      I am overall a pretty tidy and neat person, so yeah, I guess that’s why all my MU aspirations are organised too.
      This way helped me so much, I get to go through my MU and find/compare which goes well together – including those neglected/forgotten items!!

      Woow, you have a list of very interesting looks for me =)
      Yes, I am up for allll of them!!
      Can’t wait.. and thank you for your continuous ideas!!

      Hope you like the EL powder foundation!!

  3. OMG! Apparently Guerlain in TANGS (Singapore) was having a promotion – buy 2 and get 3rd free – wish I was there to load up on Écrin 6 Couleurs palettes.

    Also, I had forgotten to request you to try a ” No make up ” nude face; You know, the style you pulled for serious job interview, where you just want to look polished & fresh.

    • Kidding? How come I didn’t know about it?
      LOL!! I wish you can be here too, it would be my pleasure to meet up with YOU!!
      And go shopping together =)

      “No make up” look added to the list!!

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