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Refreshing Origins

Another tube of Origins’ Modern Friction for the Body (S$79). This is probably one of the products I kept buying after finishing. Read why I love this product so much here >

Remember Estee Lauder Private Sale 2010 which took place in April this year? I bought travel sizes of Origins’ Clear Head Mint Shampoo and Knot Free Finishing Rinse to try. I really like them so I am ready to get full sizes this time, both retails at S$25 each.

The shampoo and conditional doesn’t come from the same family. Clear Head Mint Shampoo has its own conditional but I prefer the rich and creamy texture of Knot Free Finishing Rinse so I paired them together. Doesn’t seem like an issue, they have been happy couple so far.

Clear Head Mint Shampoo smells of mint, duh. And it has a refreshing and icy cold feeling when it comes in contact with my scalp. Perfect for the hot weather. My hair feels light and clean after using it.

I always use a conditional after shampoo-ing. I know some don’t, some prefer to condition their hair once every two days. I can’t because my hair is very fine and perhaps damaged due to all the colouring. Plus, I wash my hair everyday. So, Knot Free Finishing Rinse sounds just right for my hair type.

It has a very fruity scent to it. Filled with delicious peach, lemon, black currant buds and fresh peppermint. The smell is not over-powering which is brilliant.

Sniff them the next time you walk pass an Origins counter.

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