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6 Days Of Emptiness

Has it been 6 days since I last published a post? I guess so and I apologize for that!! Have been packed with appointments lately, not to mention I have been babysitting my little niece.

First off, I went for an interview as an Image Consultant last Saturday and I did it!! Hurray. Will start training next week so I had a string of “me” days from hair appointments to facial.

Spent Sunday babysitting and it gets serious when little niece started to cry, fart and then shit. Oh dear, you can only imagine me going nuts clearing up all the mess and trying to calm her down. But overall, it was a great experience!! Little niece was in good hands, surely.

Coloured and cut my hair again on Tuesday. This time, something a little darker. Dark chocolate-brown, I would say. Back to normal, no more peeps staring at me, which is good.

Facial on Wednesday.

For the past week or so, up till today, I have been very naughty. I managed to squeeze in some shopping time while I was working on several design jobs – usually past midnight when I feel a little bored. I shopped from various different places for makeup, clothes and tools. Parcels and packages kept filling in this week and I am surprise how fast shipping can be.

Will blog about them one by one soon.

Went down town for a meeting today and find myself at TANGS Beauty Hall. Not a good sign but hey, I bought good stuff alright.

Today is also my best friend’s birthday. A friend of over 20 years!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!! May all happiness and joy stay with you for the longest time ever. Stay pretty and healthy always. Love you!!

So yah, that’s about all that happened during the past couple of days.

Good night all and I shall post all my shopping entries soon.
Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “6 Days Of Emptiness

    • Thank you Amy.
      I love being busy, tho I complain about it allll the time to my bf!!
      I have so many things going on, sometimes, even I get confused!!
      Have a wonderful weekend =)

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