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Yummi House Active Wild Honey

Not sure if you have heard of the Yummi House Active Wild Honey in Singapore. Yummi House is a professional enterprise which specialises in natural health food products. Well-known for their active wild honey.

Everytime I walk pass Jurong Point’s basement, I see promoters walking around with a tray of little cups filled with honey.

A few months ago, I took a little time to try as my honey at home was running out. I need to replenish. I love drinking honey, sometimes cold, sometimes warm and I usually get my honey from either Taiwan or Australia.

The honey at Yummi House tasted so different. It doesn’t taste of any artificial sugar, pretty raw with a hint of sour and I love it. So, I bought a tub to try.

Just a week or so ago, I went back for more. I bought 6 tubs this time for my sister and myself. It’s a little too heavy for me to carry all the 6 home that day and I was glad they provide home delivery at no extra charge.

Now, I don’t have to carry my honey all the way from overseas. The next time you walk pass Yummi House, try their honey, it’s very refreshing.

They carry many various types of honey for women and for the whole family. I am having Rambun and Teak at the moment. I can’t remember what I had previously. The consistency of most of their honey is very thick and sticky, Rambun is slightly on the runny side.

I am loving Teak. Sometimes, I scoop a spoonful and eat it raw.

9 thoughts on “Yummi House Active Wild Honey

  1. Yes, that’s an ancient beauty recipe, for liver nourishment according to chinese medicine.

    Manuka honey is good for our immune system as it contains bioactive anti-microorganism properties. Expensive though.

  2. Hi Joey, I used to order wild honey from Desaru Fruit Farm, but I have to place a minimum order before they deliver, so I am shopping for alternatives. This honey is light and slightly sour n easy to mix in water n drinks so I really like the consistency. Can I ask how much this Yummi house honey is selling for. It sounds like the alternative I am looking for.


    • Hi Katharyn,
      I am so sorry for the late reply!!
      I can’t remember how much they are but Yummi House has membership and I think it’s cheaper to get them in bulk, say 6 bottles?
      If I am correct, each costs about 60+ and lasts for 2-3 weeks if consumed daily =)

  3. WILSON,Can you explain or give more details as what you mentioned here:”Yummi House Honey is totally Artificial Honey, don’t be fooled by them. Why are you saying that Yummi House Hoeny are Artificial Honey?. You have any back up or proof to say that it’s Artificial Honey?. Are you being fooled by them before?.
    The reasons I am asking you all these questions is because I thought of buying it to give a try after having tasted some of theirs Active Wild Honey products. As I am also taking Active Manuka Hoeny (UMF 15+). Thank you.

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