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Aqua Creams & So Divine

Finally, I bought them. The Aqua Cream by Make Up For Ever. Have heard so many great reviews about them, simply must try. I picked up 4 colours this round and they are not my common shades at all. My common shades would be beiges, browns and maybe golds.

Since I have plenty of those common shades, I call them – my usual go-to shades, I decided to go bolder this time.

I got Steel, pretty much a grey-tone shimmer cream shadow, Red, a fire-engine red, Mauve, more of a light lilac I would say and Intense Blue, a very pretty pop of shimmering blue.

I have almost each and every one of these Aqua Cream swatched on my hand. When I have finally chosen the colours, the MA cleaned them off with So Divine, a Moisturizing Cleansing Cream. It cleansed really well, it reminds me off what my mummy used to use, cream makeup remover in tubs.

So, I got it too.

Have you tried the Aqua Cream? Are you liking them and what colours do you have?

6 thoughts on “Aqua Creams & So Divine

  1. Hey Joey, I have MUFE aqua cream in no.2 (Steel) and it is probably my favourite eyeshadow so I think you made a very good choice! I’m not sure if you’re as obsessed with taupe as other beauty bloggers (myself included) but Steel is a great silvery taupe!
    The red one looks a little intense though – can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    • Hello,
      That’s great to know Steel is your favourite, shows I made the right choice =)
      I have not tried them yet tho so can’t comment much!!
      I am a taupe lover too..
      Yeap, the red is very red..
      Wondering what I can do with them, have a few ideas and shall share them soon!!

  2. Hi Joey how do you find the MUFE So Divine makeup remover? Please do a review on it and let us know your thoughts! its so hard to find reviews for that cleanser.

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