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Online Shopping Frenzy

If you follow me on Twitter, you would probably know – I have been shopping online. This is not the first time I ever shopped online but this time is probably the craziest.

I shopped at various different websites and I have parcels coming in from several countries almost every other day – which feels very good actually. Who doesn’t like to receive things in the mail box? If I can stop one thing from coming in through that slot, it would have to be my monthly bills.

Anyway, let’s move on.

When I shop online, I usually try to find clothes, makeup and accessories not available locally. But of course, I like to shop for clothes from some of the local blogshops too. Shopping online has bloomed in recent years. There are so many online shops to choose from, range from selling similar products at different prices or items which are totally exclusive.

I am still in the mist of receiving two more orders to fulfill my online shopping frenzy which took place late last month. I have also put most of the clothes into the washer, waiting for them to be dried and pressed.

This week and probably next, this blog will be filled with shopping posts!!

And at the end of all my shopping posts, I will do a write-up on my experiences with the sellers/companies – from browsing their website to receiving my orders. I am honestly impressed with some but utterly disgusted by 1 or 2.

*Giveaway coming right up. I am still sorting out the gifts and requirements to enter.

8 thoughts on “Online Shopping Frenzy

  1. Shiok Shiok!

    Can’t wait to see your purchases & opinions on online sores _ now, that’s shiok without consequences, may be not, in case you manage to pursuit me to spend on those products you like.

      • It’s always a pleasure reading your blog and your opinions on products, and your talent when you pull all those products together to create the looks.

        Haha, in that case my pain will be worse than yours when the bill comes through.

        • Thank you so much for your supportive comments =)
          It’s great to have known you through wordpress!!
          Can’t imagine blogging without you..
          Your brilliant taste on fashion and beauty is amazing..
          If only we meet up one day, that day will surely be very memorable!!

  2. Oh my god Joey, I have missed so many of your posts cos I went away for a holiday!! You really hauled, didn’t you? I am waiting for your reviews on the online shops you shopped from, which ever they are!!! Eager to know their level of CS 🙂 which is very important to me!!!! Cos most online shops require us to pay in full before they ship, right? What if they don’t send the products over??? I have not shopped online personally but I know there are better offers online?? And is it safe to do CC transactions???

    • Unfortunately, I spent a fair amount on clothes and cosmetics recently!!
      I am looking forward to reviewing the online shops too, I will try my best to cover as much information as possible..
      Don’t worry about payment etc. I will write about them!!
      Meanwhile, if you need to shop online, make sure you run a google and/or yahoo search before purchasing.
      Some online shops have very bad reputation and you don’t really want to be buying from them!!
      Reading forums help a lot too, buyers comment and/or complaint about the quality and services..

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