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NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2010

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2010

Whether avant-garde or A-list, the NARS woman is simply irresistible. Perhaps no one fits that description better than Daphne Guinness, Francois Nars’ mesmerizing muse and inspiration this Fall.

Sexy, sultry, daring and decadent. Daphne “is the ideal icon to capture Fall 2010’s old-Hollywood meets futuristic look.


Any of you bought anything from this collection?

So tempted to pick up Palladium Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, Daphne Single Eyeshadow and Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss but I didn’t. Instead, I got the following.

Picture above taken indoor with flash, picture below taken indoor with natural sunlight, no flash.

Douceur is a limited edition powder blush, exclusive for this Fall. It’s pink-ish brown with low shimmer and there is NARS’ logo etched on it. I reckon this colour will go very well just under the apples of the cheeks. Doubles up as a sculpting tool for fairer skin too.

Rajasthan and Tzarine Eyeshadow Duos have its own character. Pigmentation for both duos are brilliant and they are very smooth in texture. Combination of Rajasthan is a tad darker than Tzarine, more for creating a pair of smoky eyes. On the other hand, with the shimmery beige and metallic grey, Tzarine is more wearable on a daily basis.

Did you manage to grab any of their limited edition products from this collection?

Items above are part of my Online Shopping Frenzy. I have separated them into individual posts either by category, brand and/or collection. I will do a summary of my purchases and a write-up on my online shopping experiences and places I got the items from at the end of all postings.

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2 thoughts on “NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2010

  1. Douceur is LE? I better get stock up then. I totally agree with you, Tzarine is great for daytime/work. I think it’s also fun to wear the lighter shades or the darker shades of Tzarine/Rajasthan together, for a bright & refreshed look or heavy, sultry style.

    • I think Douceur is LE, it says on the box and on the website – “exclusive to fall”..
      Go check it out, just to play safe!!
      Yes, it will be absolutely fun to mix and match these gorgeous hues..

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