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Louise Young Makeup Brushes

I am sure you have heard of Louise Young and her line of makeup brushes. Her brushes are very popular amongst makeup artists. But there are not available in Singapore, that’s probably why it took me so long to get them.

Here is what I got.

First off, I got the highly raved LY34. A huge brush which can be used for powdering, blushing and applying foundation. This brush is made of synthetic hair and the hair are densely packed and ultra soft. Although the bristles are rather long, there is a certain firmness to it.

Next, I got LY06 which is a blusher brush made of natural hair. Again, the hair is very densely packed. It is a much fatter and bloated version of Shu Uemura’s #20.

Four eyeshadow brushes. LY16 and LY18 are short and firm, not for blending purposes. I have a good number of blending brushes so I went for some eyeshadow application brushes. Short, dense and firm brushes tend to pick up more eyeshadow for extra intense pigmentation. Great for patting pigments on lids. I can also use LY16 to smudge my eyeliners to achieve smoky eyes.

LY47 is for applying an overall colour or colour under my brow bone. LY15 is the first flat tip eyeshadow brush I have. It is perfect for applying eyeshadows on the lid or when I need more precised and defined edges.

Lastly, I got LY22 for my lash and brows. LY28 is a tiny synthetic brush for either the lips or can be used to conceal spots. LY28 is tiny, probably best for applying darker shades of lipstick where I need more accuracy.

So, that’s it from Louise Young for the time being. A total of eight fabulous makeup brushes waiting for me to explore. No negative comments about them as yet but I would much prefer them to come with a code or brush number as reference.

Items above are part of my Online Shopping Frenzy. I have separated them into individual posts either by category, brand and/or collection. I will do a summary of my purchases and a write-up on my online shopping experiences and places I got the items from at the end of all postings.

Have you tried any of them brushes?

10 thoughts on “Louise Young Makeup Brushes

    • You mean LY34?
      The prices are reasonable (to me) especially LY34..
      It’s something different, unlike traditional foundation brushes..
      LY34 makes application a lot faster (because of its size) and provides an even finish (due to it’s hair).
      Awesome brush..
      You should try LY34..

      • Oh yes, typing error.

        I am going to try that. Just checked out the prices, more reasonable than LM or NARS.

        You may be able to start a LY34 fan club.

        Have you heard of LSY brushes. It’s from taiwan, and you could customise the brush holder,check out their webpage.

        • NARS brushes are expensive!!
          You will love LY34 and best of all, it’s from the UK itself, makes shipping so much easier.

          Nope, I have not heard of LSY brushes but will surely check them out since you mention it =)

  1. Hi Joey…. i have been wanting this brush for the longest period of time… can u advice who i can place my order with? will really love to get the LY34 🙂 Thanks!


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