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The Brush Guard

Today, I got The Brush Guard for you.

No idea what took me so long to get them. I mean, brushes are my precious and my only tools to applying makeup (apart from using my fingers occasionally) – like my best friend.

The fact is, I am very willing to spend on quality brushes because it’s like a one time investment. Not only does good brushes make application easy and seamless, good brushes lasts for a very long time. I believe each and every brush is sculpted specifically for its own purpose. From the selection of hair to the various shapes and sizes.

It’s just amazing.

So, amazing brushes need to be well taken care off. Agree? From storing and cleaning to protecting. For those who are new to The Brush Guard, they are stretchable, breathable tubes which protects the brushes while drying, using, storing and travelling.

They are like the brushes’ second skin.

They come in 5 package choices and I picked up a few of them. If you are in doubt, try the Variety Pack first. I bought two packs of Shadow/Liner Pack because I have a lot of smaller brushes to fit.

Gave most of my brushes a good bath and sunbathing earlier this morning. All looking shinning and in-shape right now.

The Brush Guard helped my brushes dry in shape. Even those which have feathered. It did a rather amazing job and I am very impressed. Using the guards did not stop the brushes’ drying speed at all.

Items above are part of my Online Shopping Frenzy. I have separated them into individual posts either by category, brand and/or collection. I will do a summary of my purchases and a write-up on my online shopping experiences and places I got the items from at the end of all postings.

Have you tried them?
What are your thoughts about The Brush Guard?

8 thoughts on “The Brush Guard

  1. These brush guards seem to be great, but what are they made of? and as a not-very-make-up person’s ignorance, does it matter whether they dry in the right shape, because can’t you shape them before you use the brushes?

    • Hi Jenni,
      It doesn’t say what they are made off (probably a trade secret)..
      But they feel like plastic or some sort of polyester fiber interwoven together to produce this stretchy membrane..

      When brushes don’t dry in shape, the bristles tend to fly-away and/or they may be stray-hair sticking out..
      And when this happens, the brushes doesn’t provide precised application and so, defeat the purpose of using brushes to apply makeup, correct? For example: using an eyeliner brush to create a thin, clean line.. a damaged brush ain’t gonna do the job.. or it takes a lot longer!!

      From my experience, brushes tend to go back to shape only when they are wet and even so, it doesn’t take too long before it starts to play up again!!

      Hope this answered your question =)

  2. hey babe, i got brush guards too.. but i dun really fancy it.. it sort of start to tear at the top/bottom after awhile.. mayb cos im very rough.. also this pattern kinda reminds me of orange over.. u know go ntuc buy orange, they have this netted over it? lol..

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