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MAC Nail Trend F/W Collection 2010


Mistress of the art of the sophisticated nail, Jin Soon was inspired this season by the sensual pleasures of Imperial China. A collection of hues in exotic and ravishing combinations, opaque and rich with pearl essences for a subtle dimension.

MAC Cosmetics

Just a quick post on what I picked up from MAC’s Nail Trend F/W Collection 2010. I got Jade Dragon, Imperial Flower, Rain Of Flowers and of course (if you know me well), Earthy Harmony.

Which is your favourite out of them all?

6 thoughts on “MAC Nail Trend F/W Collection 2010

  1. Sophia: Well, after collecting the latest Transdesign haul, + the 2 new OPI Burleques + the 3 MAC ones from this collection, I think I will be saying the same for newer collections – I seriously think if I buy anymore after this, unless they are terribly pretty and unique, I will end up with dupes or similar shades 😛

    Joey: Wheee! We got the same shades – well, except for Rain of Flowers but I got reminded of my other purples and put that back like a gooder girl! Haha! If you have the time, a nail swatch of Rain of Flowers on you pls 😀

  2. I like the jade green one. I already have an opi jade is the new black, but I don’t think it’s dark enough, but this one looks darker, so I like it! 🙂

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