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4 L’Occitane Products In The House

Indulged in several items from L’Occitane yesterday. I bought the new Calanques Foaming Shower Gel, Lavender Foaming Bath, Relaxing Blend and my all time favourite Almond Shower Oil.

I have used up at least 3 bottles of Almond Shower Oil over the past two years (eversince my sister recommended it to me).

Don’t be afraid by the word OIL. It’s nothing close to being oily at all, it lathers up into white creamy milk once in contact with water. Sometimes, it feels a little warm while using it and the scent is just amazing, amazing. It stays onto my skin for at least half a day.

The Lavender Foaming Bath smells of, well, lavender. Very soothing and relaxing. I like how it’s packaged, in an aluminuim bottle. Calanques Foaming Shower Gel is a clear gel which foams up relatively quickly in the shower. I use a bath pom-pom from The Body Shop to create more foam.

Lastly, I bought a bottle of bio-organic Relaxing Blend. With too many things to think about, I tend to have sleepless nights. Not every night, usually the night before I have an early presentation the next day or when my schedule is too packed during certain weeks of the month.

Hopefully this will take away my sleepless nights.

4 thoughts on “4 L’Occitane Products In The House

  1. I am a fan of the almond shower oil,fantastic, light yet heavyweight enough to keep my skin soft & pampered.

    I am tempted to try the lavender foaming bath.

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