The Journal

September For Me

How have everyone been lately? Seemed like forever since I last updated on my well-being. September have been (still is) a very busy month for me. My schedule is packed to the brim on most days, it’s kind of ridiculous to have no time to even wash my clothes!!

I even had chipped nails for a week. I was too tired to remove/reshape them when I got home. Felt so un-groomed but I finally got it done yesterday. Today, I feel slightly more groomed.

The boyfriend and I celebrated our 4 years anniversary earlier this month. Time really flies, right? Zooooom and 4 years? Has it really been 4 years? Initially, we planned a short trip to the beach but none of us had time. Not even on our anniversary day, how dull right? We separated our celebration into 2 parts. First, was to catch one of the boyfriend’s favourite movie and then (still in the process of) is a dinner at one of my favourite restaurants.

Step Up 3D it is. It’s our first 3D movie and I tell you, the glasses kept sliding down the bridge of my nose. So irritating. However, I enjoyed every part of the movie. The boyfriend watched part 1 and 2 but I didn’t. Glad none of these had any connections.

I love the way they danced. The water scene and the laser lightings one above are killers. It’s so cool, I was literally bouncing to the rhythm at some point. I felt like stepping up to dance yo!! And of course, Luke is cute.

On another note, I apologize for the lack of personal touch on this blog. I have 101 things to share, from my shoppings to a few new looks and baby niece’s first trip abroad.

Baby niece has been poorly these few days. Having a cold and running nose. Strong little girl but she hates the medications and tries to push it away or simply cry. Not knowing that crying makes it easier to inject the medication into her mouth. Bless her.

A huge thank you to all who took part in my giveaway. Thank you all for the compliments, I appreciate all of them. If you haven’t already spotted, there is an ongoing giveaway right now.

Click here to enter.

I will be going for a short vacation end of this week so the giveaway will continue until I am back. It was an impromptu decision after I decided on the giveaway dates.

Have a wonderful week ahead and thank you for reading.

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