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LUSH Mask Of Magnaminity

Jessie brought back a tub of LUSH mask from the US. She was so sweet to share it with me. It’s Mask Of Magnaminity and its super cooling, perfect for the hot weather in Singapore.

I have not tried this mask before and apparently, it’s a body mask which can also be used as a face mask. Honestly, I didn’t research at all, I simply scooped it from the tub and literally smacked it onto my face. Picture below is exactly how I apply LUSH’s masks, I like to apply a very thick layer over my face and neck then go for a shower.

LUSH’s masks are quite difficult to remove even with a sponge, especially with such a thick layer. So, taking shower is the fastest way to clean up.

This mask feels very minty but it doesn’t bite. Feels almost like having my face in front of the refrigerator during the entire masking time. It’s clay base holds the beans well enough not to fall even when semi-dried.The colour, texture and smell of this mask reminds me slightly of Chocolate Peppermint Ice-cream.

My portion lasted me for 3 applications and I must say, I really enjoyed them. I love how cooling it is, I don’t even need to leave it in the fridge and how clean my skin feels after masking. It didn’t dry up my skin nor did it caused any break-outs.

Because this mask has beans in them, it acts as an exfoliator too.

This is how I use it, I apply a generous amount of mask onto clean, dried skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and shower. In the shower, I gently pat some water on to soften the mask. When its soft enough, I use the tip of my fingers and gently exfoliate my skin in circular motions. I do this once a week and skip my normal scrubbing routine during this 3 weeks.

Have you tried this mask before and are you liking it too?

4 thoughts on “LUSH Mask Of Magnaminity

  1. I really like this mask too! It is really perfect for singapore weather and it doesn’t cause any reaction on my sensitive skin. If only we can get it easily here…

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