Winner For Joey’space Hits 30k Giveaway Part 2

CONGRATULATIONS TO PEARLICIOUS  Thank you everyone for participating in Joey’space Hits 30k Giveaway Part 2. Here is what I can’t live without 1. Mineral Foundation – good for all occasions 2. Brow Kit – I surely need some brows 3. Blush – Probably in coral to brighten myself 4. Mascara – This will help my eyes look bigger 5. Lipstick – One that … Continue reading

The Journal

Back & Burnt

Hi, how’s everyone doing? I am back from the sunny Bali. Touched down on Thursday night and had work on Friday, thus the delay in blogging!! If you follow me on Twitter, you would probably hear me saying “I’m burnt”. I’m indeed seriously burnt!! Skin is currently peeling AND itching everywhere, even my face looks … Continue reading