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Back & Burnt

Hi, how’s everyone doing? I am back from the sunny Bali. Touched down on Thursday night and had work on Friday, thus the delay in blogging!! If you follow me on Twitter, you would probably hear me saying “I’m burnt”. I’m indeed seriously burnt!!

Skin is currently peeling AND itching everywhere, even my face looks bad. Don’t think I will be doing any Looks for a couple of weeks, I do apologise about that. I have so many Looks lined up for this blog but with my current skin’s condition, it will look horrible with any makeup on it.

I went for work on Friday with no makeup at all!!

Very rarely I go under the sun and never did I think twice before sun bathing. Now I realised most of my foundations no longer matches my tan skin. Even the Teint Miracle I purchased 2 days before I left for Bali!! It’s quite sad actually..

But nonetheless, I had a great time at Bali. It’s amazing and I am totally in love with the ocean I skied and dived in. Beautiful.

Lots of self-grooming to do over this weekend. I need to trim my brows and do a mini facial at home to re-hydrate my peeling skin. I also need to get my nails fixed (going for manicure and pedicure in a bit). Got to unpack and do the laundry too.

So, what’s your plan this weekend?

Will be doing a couple of shopping entries before I move into my Bali trip posts =)

2 thoughts on “Back & Burnt

  1. Oh no Joey, sun damage is BAD!

    Try my remedies:

    1) A cold bath soak with 12 tablets of dispersible aspirin to calm down the inflammation & pain

    2) A mixture of aloe gel & oat meal powder to soothe

    3) plenty of vitamin C & E taken orally

    4) to prevent pigmentations, try oral tranexamic acids

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