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Givenchy Blooming Collection For Fall 2010



Times are changing and the boundaries between the seasons are blurring. Desires are merging and fantasies are being realised. Harness the last of the summer heat when the skies are beginning to look grey and prolong the sensual pleasures and vitality of summer!

The orange that dominates Blooming is drawn from the energy of this resistance to winter. It is a dynamic, invigorating flame that brings optimism and modernises other colours.

The Autumn-Winter Collection 2010 is a fresh, chic perspective that reflects the season. A dreamlike metamorphosis in which colour is reawakened and blossoms. The Blooming woman stands firm in her childlike wish to blossom out of season.

Nicolas Degennes

I bought one of the must-haves of this collection, which is the Le Prisme Blush Blooming (Limited Edition), retails at S$69. The packaging is so pretty and a brush slides out from the compartment below.

Inspired by this desire for rebirth and by Nicolas’ discovery of the work of a film-maker and painter, Takagi Masakatsu. His colours endlessly open out as they move with sensuality and energy, creating an impression of perpetual, random renewal.

Last week, I commented on David’s blog, telling him I haven’t found my green palette. I found it David, it’s the Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor in Khaki Egeir 74, retails at S$81.

3 brushes slides out from the bottom, same as the blush. Swatches below taken indoor with flash. Colours may vary slightly due to how tan I am at the moment.

Aren’t they gorgeous? The textures are creamy and they are really pigmented. The only down side is the price point, which leans a little steep.

Rouge Interdit in Blooming Peach 48 (Limited Edition), S$41 also caught my attention. It reminds me of Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Genial. It’s a soft pink with hints of orange.

Here is a little comparison taken indoor with flash. Genial has a lot more pink as compared to Blooming Peach and its slightly brighter too.

Which do you prefer?

Do you think you will pick anything up from Givenchy? Honestly, I have not tried many of their products before. The only item I have is their mascara. I am eager to try them out and I will once my complexion recovers.

Have a beautiful Sunday ahead and thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Givenchy Blooming Collection For Fall 2010

    • Hi Lin,
      There are pretty, aren’t they?
      Will try to take a pic of me wearing it =)
      If you pop by their counter, do check it out too!!
      Thank you for popping by and commenting..

  1. Joey, I was about to suggest Khaki Egerie, but I am not sure whether you have got Givenchy in Singapore.

    It’s fabulous! I can say that it’s the only green palette you’ll ever need.

  2. Ok, why make life difficult? I like everything! 😀 The green quad is realllly nice! They didn’t have this at the Metro 20% sale the week before GRRRR!

    • A nice green quad is difficult to find, have been looking for one since then..
      Finally got it =)
      Check this collection out if you pass by any Givenchy counters!!
      Their lipglosses are amazing too..

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