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Peeling Skin On A Beautiful Sunday

This beautiful Sunday started off earlier than usual for the boyfriend and I. Despite our late night movie last night, we got up at 10 this morning. We watched Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen featuring Donnie Yen. I love watching Donnie fight, not to mention his amazing body!!

Had porridge for lunch earlier. Simple yet delicious. We packed them from the kopitiam near home.

Spent time with sister and niece. She can hold her own milk bottle now, makes it so much easier during feeding. Had a wonderful time with the boys too. Rouge and Riv are getting comfy with little niece, they will stay around her most of the time.

So, how burnt am I? When I got up this morning, my skin started peeling crazily. It’s kind of scary and I try not to pick but it’s difficult, I have itchy fingers.

Can you see my tan line and the awful dry skin? Can’t believe I am this burnt and tan in merely 2 hours of sun. Guess it will take a long while before my colours get back to normal. On a good note, my skin kind of stopped itching now.

Have been doing the laundry and tidying up the house. Not going anywhere with my disgusting looking skin. Better off staying home to chill and do a little bit of work for tomorrow’s presentation.

So, how is Sunday treating you so far?

6 thoughts on “Peeling Skin On A Beautiful Sunday

  1. Yummy!! Niece getting cuter n cuter ^^ rouge n riv keeping an eye on little princess huh keke~ my arms are starting to peel too it’ll b over soon babe 😉

  2. So cute she looks with the milk bottle! And the doggies are so cute also! the only place I ever peel is my nose! and that’s not even when I go out in the sun! LOL! Yeah, loads of moisturiser, gentle exfoliation will make it all ok again! 😀

    • Oh, she has her good days and bad ones too..
      Lol.. but overall, very adorable!!
      Same goes to the dogs..
      Yes, I am putting oil on my body and it works really well..
      Cos my skin is so dry, it doesn’t feel too oily at all!!

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