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Dim Sum At Shang Palace

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Dad came over for F1 the week before and we had Tim Sum at Shang Palace, Shangri-la Hotel. This is my first visit and to be honest, I had to google the location.


Interior of Shang Palace reflects a modernised oriental culture with floral motifs and red glass ceiling.

Overall, food wasn’t fantastic. I guess it’s subjective to the dishes you order. The century egg porridge was disappointing with a very mild taste of century egg. And the fried wonton is very dry even dipped in sauce, with just a mouth full of filling.

However, there is my favourite rice noodles roll with you tiao and this dish tastes awesome. Pretty much made up for rest of the dishes.

Have you been to Shang Palace before?

2 thoughts on “Dim Sum At Shang Palace

  1. I’ve never been to Shang Palace – I actually quite like Wan Hao @ Marriot – they used to have a great lunch a la carte buffet at a special price (I think it was one for one!) and my mom and I used to go there (sometime last year). I like a lot of Dim Sum but I don’t like anything with chives or century egg. Har Gao = Yummmmm and so is pork ribs in salted egg yolk …

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