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Space Cadet In My Mailbox

When I returned from Bali late last month, I received a package from Amy. She sent me Space Cadet by Orly!! I was just catching up with everyone’s blog and see that Space Cadet is everywhere and I am loving it.

Was planning on getting one for myself too and here comes the nail polish. Thank you so much Amy.

Did a little swatch of how amazing the colour is but it’s very difficult to capture one picture that shows exactly how it looks. It changes according to the lighting and angle. Beautiful.

Like mentioned in most reviews, this colour is very sheer. You would need at least 3 coats for the colour to show. Personally, I don’t like sheer nail polishes but the colour of Space Cadet makes up for it, even if I have to apply 5 coats, it’s worth it.

Have you got one too?

6 thoughts on “Space Cadet In My Mailbox

  1. I have it toooo! I am too impatient to layer like 3-4 coats (cos it takes forever to dry!). So instead, I painted one medium coat of a reddish purple polish first and then 2 thinner coats of Space Cadet. Same thing for my pedi with Orly Lunar Eclipse – one medium coat of China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic and then 2 thin coats of Lunar Eclipse. I liked it as your pedi – duochrome was very visible!

  2. Your nail beds look awesomely long and beautiful! The colour is super pretty and I have been seeing it everywhere too. I didn’t get it though. Hmm, now thinking about it. Maybe I should! 😀

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