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Illamasqua Art Of Darkness Collection & More

It feels awesome to receive parcels especially from overseas. I ordered some items from Illamasqua a few days before I left for Bali and it arrived before I did. It took approximately 7 days. Packing is way better than the first time I ordered. They wrapped tissue over all the products individually with straded paper to cushion. No doubt, all my orders arrived totally safe.

I bought 3 products from their latest Art of Darkness Collection and 7 nail varnishes. I am loving DWS I bought earlier this year and I must get more of them. They have amazing colours and textures.

The colours in this 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette 02 literally took my breath away. The moment I see it, I want it. This palette comes with 3 new stunning Liquid Metal shades, namely – Resolute (metallic ruby), Stoic (metallic emerald), Superior (metallic sapphire) for Autumn/Winter and a complementing intense gold of Solstice (molten gold).

There are all available for purchase individually here >

This palette is GBP29.50 for 4 shades, each weighs 2g and it cost GBP17 for a shade of 8g. I figured the palette is ideal for trying the colours and product, needless to say, I don’t think I will ever finish a pot on its own.

Next up is Illamasqua’s Pure Pigment in Alluvium, an iridescent midnight blue. It cost GBP15 (approximately S$31) for only 1.3g of product as compared to MAC’s Pigment at S$38 for 4.5g of product. In fact, I am very comfortable with the quantity but it’s extremely expensive. If only the price is more reasonable.

Here comes all the nail varnishes. Each cost GBP13 which is approximately S$27. It is a couple of dollars more than Rescue Beauty Lounge’s nail polishes which is about S$24 each.

I got Scarab from their new collection. It’s a deep ruby-red with a metallic finish. Beside Scarab is Baptiste, a deep royal purple with a shimmer finish. Both colours deliver a smooth and opaque finish with just 2 coats.

Next, we have 3 gorgeous hues of purples and pink. Janlight dusky pinkWinksoft lilac and Velocity dusky grey-purple. All three have a glossy finish. I have been wanting Velocity for a long time, since I saw it featured on varies blogs. They look stunning and stunning it is indeed.

Last but not least, we have Blowlemon sorbet, Milfmint creme and Caresscornflower blue. They all have a glossy finish too. Wink, Blow and Caress are from the Pastel Nails Collection a while back.

Illamasqua’s nail varnishes continue to impress me, in terms of the texture, formula and opacity. It makes application extremely easy for matte colours, no streaking and not chalky. Most of all, they have a pretty unique library of colours.

My least favourite of all the nail varnishes I have from Illamasqua would be Blow. Not the texture, nothing to do with the consistency either. I guess I can’t put off this colour at all.

So, no more yellows for me.

6 thoughts on “Illamasqua Art Of Darkness Collection & More

  1. I’ve always wanted to try out Illamasqua… Theri liquid metals and blushers especially… It would be great if maybe you can swatch the liquid metal?? How’s the consistency like?? ONce again LOVES your HAUL!!

    • Hi Lin,
      Illamasqua is a must-try brand but it’s so difficult to get hold off in Asia.
      Must of the items I get are all based on trust (ie. blog swatches etc.)..
      Sometimes, I end up not liking a product as much =(
      I will be swatching the liquid metals when I am gonna use it, skin is peeling on my forearm (not pretty for swatches)!!

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