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Welcome To Bali: Setting Off & Touching Down

It was a pretty much unplanned trip to Bali this time, unlike our holiday to Australia in July. I remember receiving a text from Jessie asking if I want to have a short vacation (destination unknown yet). Of course I do. The next thing I know, she did all the bookings and planning.

We flew by Air Asia and stayed at Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa located at Uluwantu. It’s approximately an hour away from Denpasar Airport. Far away from everywhere else.

We took an evening flight on a fine, sunny Sunday. There was a 1 hour flight delay and we arrived at our hotel late that night. We checked into our miserable looking Deluxe Bedroom. All that was nice, is the balcony and view – overlooking the lush greenery and swimming pool.

Room Service was delicious and fast (delivered within 30 mins). Prices were reasonable too. Jessie loves the satay sauce, I do too but prefer a much chunky paste filled with peanuts, if you know what I mean.

Our trip to Bali was mainly to relax and rejuvenate. None of us did much research and planning on our daily itinerary. Just went with the flow and it was a spectacular impromptu getaway. Not to mention this is my first retreat to the beach with a female friend!!

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