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Welcome To Bali: The Burning Swim & The Blinded Spa

Our day started off with some enjoyable American Breakfast. We were too lazy from travelling the night before, we had them delivered to our doorstep. It’s a complimentary service, meaning, you can use your breakfast coupons for room service.

Isn’t it wonderful?

We sat at our balcony for breakfast, admiring the calm, quite and peaceful scenery. Air that we breathe were unpolluted, clean and fresh and birds were chipping. Too soothing, we wanted to go back to bed.

But of course, we didn’t. We decided to go swimming and sun bathing before our spa appointment in evening. Picture above overlooking the Ocean Front Honeymoon Villas. Absolutely huge villas we are talking about.

Just before we got into the pool, we had a little scroll around the resort. The infinity pool is simply gorgeous. Exquisite views to the Indian Ocean and dazzling sunset.

And today is the day I got burnt like never before. I was under the sun for merely 2 hours – from 11:30am to about 2pm. It’s horrifying what the sun can do in such a short period of time.

To end the day, we had 3 hours of spa. I chose to combine an Aromatherapy Massage and the Nyuh Gading Coconut Scrub.

Aromatherapy Massage relieves stress, muscle tension and aches in problem areas with deep strokes and cross-fiber massage techniques. Perfect for me as I have been feeling tired and my back hurts.

If you know me, you will know why I have selected such a scrub. Simply because I fancy all things grainy and textured when it comes to body scrubs. The Nyuh Gading Coconut Scrub was traditionally used only for religious ceremonies. The pulp of a small yellow coconut is mixed with coconut milk and ground turmeric seed to produce an exhilarating body scrub used to remove dry skin. After which, a mask from carrot pulp, lime juice and ocean grass is applied to nourish the skin.

The massage wasn’t fantastic and the scrub didn’t smell of coconut at all which is very disappointing. On another note, our room is facing a pathway walking up from the beach. During the day, no one can see through the blinds but once the sun sets, with the lights on, anyone can see us if they pay enough attention.

This is by far, the worst spa experience I have encountered.

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