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Welcome To Bali: Big Hats & A Delicious Meal

Despite the horrible incident that happened during spa yesterday, we had fun going around town today. Jessie managed to get in touch with a driver who is able to drive us literally anywhere around Bali. Very convenient for two girls traveling alone.

Took a couple of photos during our long journey to town. We stopped over at a market selling all sorts of things. It’s very vibrant and reminds me of Chatuchak Market in Thailand. Of course, Chatuchak Market carries more variety of goods, it’s the mother of all markets, right?

I found my big hat before Jessie. It’s totally not fair because my hat cost me USD10 and hers is way cheaper. I got cheated!! But it’s alright, the hat really helped as it was really very hot. The sun is very bright and I can feel the heat burning my already burnt skin.

We didn’t get anything else from the market apart from our big hats. Most of the things sold there were really expensive. Not worth buying. Jessie liked a dress and it cost a whopping USD30+, now you know what I mean by expensive.

Loving this picture of her. Took it while waiting for our scoop of ice cream. Yummy ice cream on a hot, sunny day = heaven.

We couldn’t take the heat, stopped over at a local cafe for a sandwich and potato salad? Yes, potato salad with an egg. And of course, ice tea. Felt very dehydrated after walking for about 2 hours.

When the clock strikes 3, we went back to meet our driver. Told him to drive us around for sightseeing and photo taking instead of shopping. At least we get some air-con in the car.

Visited the rice plantation.

I remembered watching a documentary stating the fact that there are lots of rice snakes lurking around in paddy fields. So, let’s not get too close!!

Just so you are wondering, my long, white dress is from Tracyeinny. It’s Christiev Halter Maxi in White, SGD28. The material is very light and absorbs sweat (if you need to know). Not sheer at all but skirting stops at knee length (you can see where it stops from one of the pictures above).

Next, the driver brought us to the temple. These pools hold the holy water for bathing. It brings good luck and health to you and your family. Going unprepared, we only washed our hands hoping it will bring us luck, health and of course, wealth.

We had to walk through a long stretch of shops to where the car is parked. Here, the things are going at a lot cheaper as compared to the market we went earlier.

We visited another paddy field before we set off for dinner. This rice field is situated on slopes and it’s beautiful. The evening sun was too hot for a long stay. We got to go as we were starving after a long day of walking and sweating.

The driver recommended this particular restaurant for our dinner and it was amazing. Very delicious food and ambient. It got a little too crowded towards the end so I suggest making reservations if you are planning on dinning in.

Would love to try more food but..

I think it’s more than enough for the two of us, don’t you think so? We had Curry Chicken, Gado-gado, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Campu and Satay. A very satisfying meal.

If you ever visit this restaurant, try their Ice Latte, it’s so good, I got to have two. And, if you are a chilli lover, you got to try their home-made chilli sauce, it’s mouth-watering. I wanted to buy some back, but they are only available via pre-orders.

We enjoyed the numerous traditional dances during our meal too.

Thank you for reading.

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