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Welcome To Bali: Bye & See You Again Soon

Time flies and happy moments passed by even faster. It’s time to go home, bringing home many memories, experiences and a new tanned self. Below is a picture of the beach near our hotel.

For the last night of our stay, we upgraded ourselves into an Ocean Jacuzzi Villa. This villa is surely meant for a couple, hope they didn’t think Jessie and I were lesbians. Anyway, it’s a two storey villa with a jacuzzi upstairs facing the ocean. It wasn’t as fantastic as it sounds so no biggie.

She was so tired after all the watersports, she dived into the bed and I caught that moment in camera.

The overall cleanliness of the rooms were so-so. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being perfect, I would say a 5? Average as I believe they can do so much better for the price we are paying for a night. At the Deluxe Room, the shower wasn’t working properly and there were stains on the net you see surrounding the bed above.

Will I recommend this resort to anyone? Maybe not for this place being isolated and of course the cleanliness played a large part. Other than that, the Room Service is “As”.

We did it again for our last dinner in Bali. We had a table filled with food!! Delicious food. I went for spaghetti this time, it’s really nice.

We have a “joke of the trip” every time we travel, I guess this has become part of our tradition. Here, we have Jessie with 6 packs of toothbrushes and toothpaste from the hotel, in a broken sunglass’ case.

She was telling me the zip ain’t working for her sunglass’ case and when I turned around, it’s filled with these toothbrushes. WHO ON EARTH will slot toothbrushes in a case which doesn’t zip and doesn’t fit? Oh well, we laughed till we dropped that night.

After breakfast on our last day, we took a walk down the beach near our hotel. It is a very far walk, we didn’t make it to the shore but had a really close look at how clear the water is. And I also wanted to check out the path looking up to the spa I mentioned about.

A final goodbye at the hotel lobby before setting off to the airport.

We stopped over at a local roadside cafe for lunch before heading to the airport. We wanted to try some street food and glad we did. Both the fried rice and fried noodles were very tasty.

Goodbye Bali and hope to see you again.

Have you visited Bali before or are you planning on doing so? If you need a driver to drive you around, do drop a comment below, I will be able to pass you the contact of our driver. He is very friendly and nice. He will also be able to show you places of interest. His rates are pretty reasonable which is a plus point.

I had a wonderful, wonderful trip. I felt so pampered throughout, with all the breakfast in bed and room services. I am surely looking forward to more trips with my girls.

Thank you for reading and hope you have enjoyed my posts.

8 thoughts on “Welcome To Bali: Bye & See You Again Soon

    • Blue Point Bay is good if you plan to stay in the villa itself on most days and the waters around is very clear and nice =) Services are very good, ppl are friendly but its really the cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms.. Seems a little run down..

      Perhaps you wanna try Dreamland, we went passed it and the entrance looks stunning!!

      Have fun in Bali, remember to change enough Rupiah.. the exchange rates there is not v good from our experience!!

  1. Thanks for this Bali post! I’m going to Bali this January. Flight tickets booked. As for the accommodation, we have some problems about it. We wanted to book Villa Pelangi at Seminyak which consist of four bedrooms in a villa and they won’t allow all 13 of us accommodating in one villa. They told us to book two villa instead.

    I was like, there’s four bedrooms and why can’t all 13 of us be in one villa at the same time, right? *sigh* Now we’re still looking out for other villa. And i will definitely check out the ones that you’ve recommended. =)

    • Cool!!
      You will love it but remember your sun block..
      Seminyak is a good area to stay at, close to everything..
      Please have the chilli sauce when you are there (if you are gonna eat at the place I did), it’s soooooo nice!!
      And try all the water sports especially Fly Fish =)
      Have fun hun!!

  2. I will definitely remember to bring my sunblock. And thanks for the reminder, Joeylove! =) Accommodation has been settled. We’re still staying at the same villa but we got no choice but to book two villas.

    Chilli Sauce? Is it spicy? Or sweet spicy? Haha!! I will definitely have fun there. I can’t waste a second of my time doing nothing when i’m there. It’s actually my virgin trip to Bali. So i’m kind of suaku. Haha!!

    • Cool!!
      Not exactly chilli sauce, more like chopped chilli sambal kinda thing?! I don’t know how to describe.. LOL
      Must eat!!
      And it is very spicy =)
      This was my first trip to Bali too, am sure you will enjoy all the food and sun there!!

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