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MAC Venomous Villains Collection: Cruella De Vil


Cruella De Vil of 101 Dalmatians. Animated by Disney in 1961. A Dalmatian dominatrix. Famed for her cheekbones, dramatic entrances and trails of absinthe-coloured smoke.

MAC Cosmetics

Cruella oh Cruella. She made me heartless with all her wicked ways.

I bought Darkly My Dear Powder Blush which I intend to use it for sculpting my cheeks and Her Own Devices Beauty Powder is for highlighting my cheekbones or as a blush.

Her Own Devices is my second Beauty Powder from MAC. The other Beauty Powder I have is Shell Pearl from Liberty Of London Collection. Both of them are from a similar colour family but Shell Pearl is lighter, brighter and has more shimmer.

I also got the Amplified Lipstick in Heartless and Lipglass in Wicked Ways to match. Heartless is such a beautiful red, a true red. I like it and bought it simply because I don’t have a large selection of reds in my collection. As for Wicked Ways, I can either pair it with Heartless or use it alone for a softer red lips look.

Did you get heartless too?

6 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains Collection: Cruella De Vil

  1. I liked heartless when I swatched it at the counter but I was worried I won’t use it, now I m regretting not getting it, it’s oos everywhere 😦 are there any similar reds?

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