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MAC A Tartan Tale: Lip, Eye & Face Kits

MAC A Tartan Tale: Lip, Eye & Face Kits

Peekaboo! Poking a little fun at the kinky part of the kilt, these incorrigible kits for Lips, Eyes and Face have some flasher fun with mirrored compacts, but remain dignified with proper M∙A∙C family crests. New giftables that prove to be seductive, cheeky, good fun.

MAC Cosmetics

For me, it’s quite clear I will go for the Twists of Tartan Eyeshadow Palette instead of the other three.

I find the colours in Dashing Lassies and Reelers & Rockers Eyeshadow Palettes too similar to the ones I already have (in the NAKED Palette as well as single eyeshadows) because they lean more towards the brown-natural-neutral tones – which I have many. Although I must admit, at some point, I thought of getting either one of them.

Beauties Play It Cool Eyeshadow Palette is really pretty but it didn’t capture my attention for some reason. Perhaps I am not a very purple person and I already own a few go-to purple palettes.

Out of the 4 Eyeshadow Palettes,  Reelers & Rockers is likely the most pigmented one. Twists of Tartan Eyeshadow Palette is more colourful and playful amongst them. The colour payoff ain’t as pigmented as I would like. As what Temptalia suggests, “It’s definitely a palette geared towards those who love to wear color, but the lack of pigmentation makes it more appropriate to those who prefer their color sheer!

I have two sets of swatches for you. Both taken indoor with flash, the one above without primer and below with primer. There is a clear difference between them, right? Lady’s Prance and Rolled Gold are probably the more pigmented ones.

I really like both the face kits but I already have Melba from the A Triumphant Blush Face Kit so I steered towards Hark The Heraldry Face Kit automatically. Partly for one of the colours.

Oh So Fair Beauty Powder is very sheer compared to other Beauty Powders I have from MAC. It reminds me slightly of Benefit’s Dandelion. Dame Powder Blush is pink with a satin finish, I have not tried it on myself yet, hope it wouldn’t turn out too pale. I am loving Plum Foolery Sheertone Shimmer Blush. It’s such a beauty.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? I didn’t get any lip kits nor the brush bags but I am looking forward to the Holiday Colour Collections!

Thank you for reading.

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