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Clothings From ASOS

Established in June 2000, ASOS is the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. This is the first time I am shopping with them and I must say, it was a very pleasant experience.

Their website is user-friendly and I managed to grab a few dresses from their Clearance section. Because of the exchange rate, I kept pieces in my cart GBP20 and below. Shipping was fast and I am very impressed with the quality – almost retail like.

Material of clothings are thick, totally non-sheer.

Featured above are, Cage Shoulder Zip Back Top in the style of Rihanna in Black (GBP14), Crochet Parachute Bandeau Dress in Cream (GBP18) and White Denim Dress in White (GBP18). All by ASOS themselves and all in UK Size 8.

Length are perfect for my height but the sizes do vary slightly. Size 8 is just nice for me, if I put on any more weight, I don’t think I can fit in them. I also bought an ASOS Jersey Vest Empire Dress in Grey Marl (Size 8), this dress is a lot bigger than the rest.

Have you shopped at ASOS before? I am really liking their quality and designs, I kept looking back for items on sale for more steal.

14 thoughts on “Clothings From ASOS

  1. I’ve been looking atb Asos too lately… But I haven’t shopped yet as I’m about to pop soon and it’ll be a waste to get anything now!! heheh!! I love the last white dress… The details in the sleeve part is really nice!!

  2. I am glad you’re hooked on ASOS as well.

    Have you checked their clearance for beauty products?

    I browse their what’s new section on a daily basis, plenty of new arrivals daily, from designer to high street to ASOS own brand. ASOS men is great & affordable if you want to treat your boyfriend.

  3. Hi Joey,
    just wanna share with ya, I placed an order with for some cosmetics on 14 April 2011 to take advantage of their free international shipping. My order arrived today, and to my horror, the items were merely shipped in a very normal plastic envelope!! No form of protection at all (no bubble wrapping/ packing peanuts / air packets etc to protect the items!!!!) These are cosmetics we are talking about, not clothes! I am very upset that they don’t bother to take care at all in their packaging! 😦 😦 And to add salt to the wound, I also received a package from today, in complete contrast, the package from StrawberryNet arrived in a very nice box, the item carefully packed and they even tied a nice purple ribbon on the box! Gosh, I seriously hope will take more care in their packaging, especially since they are shipping all the way from UK to SIngapore! :(:(

    • Hi Esther,
      I am so sorry to hear that.
      I have not purchased any cosmetics from ASOS before, mainly clothes!!
      Is there anything from your order damaged?

      • One of the item, the Pixi Wake Up Make Up palette was dented on the outside, although the palette itself was fine. But I really hope can put in at least a little more effort in packing their items for shipping 😦 I have bought quite a lot of makeup online from other e-retailers from outside Singapore and this is the first time I received makeup that was shipped so sloppily 😦 😦 I wrote them an email, and there was an auto generated email reply from them that said someone will reply in four hours but its been more than 20 hours and I still have not heard from them 😦

        • I am so sorry to hear that, I guess ASOS’s main business is dealing with clothing and if enough people write to them regarding their shipping method, they will improve through time.
          Thank you for sharing your shopping experiences with ASOS, although it’s not a very pleasant one but at least, we know what to expect =)
          Perhaps you can take a picture and mail it to them, showing the damaged packaging?

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