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Dior Minaudiere Collection For Holiday 2010

Black is the most elegant and surprising color.

Mixed with gold, it brings life to the most outrageous creations. From yellow gold to bronze gold and silver black, the new Christmas trend displays a range of dramatic shades to create a universe where gold becomes light, and black becomes sparkle. Prestige and radiance are the key words of the holiday makeup collection, a grandiose look featuring transcendent eyes, a luminous complexion and shimmering lips.

Christian Dior

Dior is one of the first to release their Holiday Makeup Collection for 2010 in Singapore. And Dior approached Christmas with luxurious rich golds and flirtatious fuchsia pinks.

Picked up two of the three nail polishes and one of the two minaudiere. Are you surprised I didn’t get any of the 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette?

Paying tribute to the evening purse of the moment, the Dior Minaudiere features couture details like a vintage kiss clasp, a gold plaque engraved with the Dior logo and a black patent leather finish embossed in the iconic Dior houndstooth pattern.

Extracted from Temptalia

I swatched the entire collection and I really like the quints. They are super pigmented and buttery in texture but having said that, I have enough browns, bronze and golds to go around so I have decided to skip the 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palettes and grab the Limited Edition Dior Minaudiere in Pink Golds.

Swatches for your reference, taken indoor with flash. They are not quite as pigmented as the quints but the texture is soft and smooth. There are two glosses, one pink and one clear, both with multi-coloured pearls.

Normally, I try to avoid getting a palette with a mixture of powder eyeshadows and lipsticks or lipglosses as it tends to get messy. But I like how the glosses in this palette is protected by a side-flip cover, keeps all the eyeshadow fall-outs and mess away, brilliant idea.

How can anyone resist the Dior Vernis in Czarina Gold and Timeless Gold? I fell in love with the colours just by seeing them online and when I swatched them, I knew I had to get them. The texture is simply amazing. Not to mention the brushes are something new and different from all other polishes I have.

Will post an update on the nail polishes and swatches of them soon as I just had my manicure done.

Here it is, swatches of the nail polishes. Aren’t they gorgeous? The picture below swatches shows the U-shape brush which makes application a breeze as it mimics the natural curves of our cuticle.

Are you getting your hands wet for this collection?

8 thoughts on “Dior Minaudiere Collection For Holiday 2010

  1. Looks great – this was at Tangs Vivo? Why is it that Tangs Orchard doesnt have it yet? I asked twice and they said 1st or 2nd week Nov. Was hoping it will roll out in Metro Paragon during the 20% sale! hee hee

    • Yeap, I picked them up on Friday.
      The displays and testers aren’t in yet thus they can’t place them out but the stocks are available at the counter, gotta just ask and see if the BA is kind enuf tho I guess =)
      Cool, it will be super worthy with 20% off..
      Good luck..

  2. I am lemming for the quints when I saw KAS swatches on her blog!! But will see how it goes and like Kas I’m thinking of getting them during the 20% off at Metro.. Will see how it is!!!

    • LOL..
      Yes, Kas msg me in the morning telling me how gorgeous they are =)
      *bad girl Kas..
      20% off is a total steal..
      If you like the quints, gotta grab them no matter what..

  3. I am getting my hands on Czarina & Timeless, once my credit card is resuscitated. Have you seen NARS holiday collection? I just brought the single eyeshadow Etrusque, it will be perfect for these golden nail polishes.

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