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Introducing Choose Your Glam Collection By Bobbi Brown

BOBBI BROWN Choose Your Glam
Smoky, Sultry, Smoldering Collection

EYE PALETTES (S$79) (Limited Edition)

  • Smoky Eye Palette: White Eyeshadow – a pure white, Tin Metallic Eyeshadow – a steel icy blue, Storm Eyeshadow – a dark grey, Onyx Long-Wear Eye Paint – a rich black
  • Sultry Eye Palette: Bone Eyeshadow – an off white, Antique Gold Metallic Eyeshadow – a deep gold sparkle, Caviar Eyeshadow – a dark brown, Brandy Long-Wear Eye Paint – a rich golden bronze
  • Smoldering Eye Palette: Ivory Eyeshadow – a creamy white, Heather Lilac Metallic Eyeshadow – a pink heather, Charcoal Eyeshadow – a dark grey, Port Long-Wear Eye Paint – a deep plum

GLITTER LIQUID EYELINER (S$31) (Limited Edition)

  • Silver: a bright silver
  • Gold: a bright gold


  • Vixen Red: a deep rich red
  • Vintage Red: a medium cool red
  • Hollywood Red: a candy bright red


  • Jewel Red: a red metallic with gold shimmer


  • Hollywood Red: a candy bright red
  • Scarlet: a deep red


  • Red: a true bright red

Bobbi Brown Choose Your Glam Collection will be arriving in Singapore on the 19 November at Isetan Scotts.

I am so excited about this collection as I have been wanting to get the Sultry and/or Smoldering Eye Palette, partly due to the Long-Wear Eye Paint? The information above are extracted from a mailer I received and colour descriptions are based on Bobbi Brown’s website.

So, tell me what you are going to get?

12 thoughts on “Introducing Choose Your Glam Collection By Bobbi Brown

  1. Defginitely the Sultry eye palette.. i’m not missing it.. Though I keep telling myself do I need another neutral shade, I just can’t seem to talk myself out of it… Ahahaha 🙂

  2. Am limiting myself to one eye palette from this collection, reason being same as you 🙂 hehe, I want to try the eye paint too!! Do u think it will be similar to paint pots or their long-wear cream eyeshadow? Also very tempted to get one of the red lip colors, but I very rarely wear such strong shades so… .. I m still thinking HARD!!!

    Must go swatch before making up my mind 😦

    thank u sooo much for stating the prices, it’s helps 🙂

  3. So true!!! I will see how it goes when the time comes… Hehehe!! In the meantime I’ve aleady reseved my Givenchy blush to be purchased during the Metro sale!!! HEHEHEHE

  4. SMOULDERING ! You’ve got UD Naked palette, you don’t need Sultry. Trust me, you’ll be better off with smouldering ( I hold no liability on my recommendation ).

    Vixen red & Jewel red are my favourite, I predict these to be the IT reds this holiday season.

    I am going to get Vixen & Jewel red, as BB rarely comes up with such dramatic, impactive shades.

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