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Minx Nails Available In Singapore

Have you heard of the Minx Nails before? It’s one of the latest nail trends in Hollywood. I came across them in a magazine early March and ever since then, I have been wanting to try having my nails minxed.

Not until a few months ago, thanks to Vedure Nail Spa, the Minx Nails system is made available in Singapore for you and I. And this service is exclusive to Vedure Nail Spa which is located at Wheelock Place, Orchard Road.

I have not tried them before but I will very soon. Have just called to make an appointment with them and I simply cannot wait!! Wonder how they will look on my nails and am thinking of the designs already.

Visit for more details of her experiences and costs of the Minx Nails here >

4 thoughts on “Minx Nails Available In Singapore

  1. Hello~
    I’d tried the ones that are DIY, its not really that easy to apply myself.. haha.. Waiting to see how your nails turn out~ =) Do review once you got it done! I want to see the difference between the spa and the diy ones. ^_^

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