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7 Days Of Silence

Hi, how’s everyone doing lately? I haven’t been active in blogging etc for quite sometime, at least for the past 7 days. Just a little quick post to say “hi” so you know I am still around.

Several things drained up my energy recently. Was tidying and finishing up some projects for handover last week and new projects are coming in fast. So, work pretty much kept me breathless. And the weather have been making me ill. I stayed in bed from Sunday till Monday as I was feeling poorly again.

There are so many things I would love to share and will do in the next few days!! From shoppings to.. more shoppings, gatherings, events and more =)

Am also trying out my new Clarins Hydra-Luminous Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++ (pictured above). Am loving it so far but can’t put a grade to it until I have used and tested it out fully.

Have gotten my nails minxed and a pair of my dream shoes!! Looks like majority of the things on my wish list have been crossed out, how wonderful =)

Have a wonderful rest of the night and speak to you soon.

6 thoughts on “7 Days Of Silence

  1. hi Joey!
    I think I like this Clarins powder more for touch ups or set my foundie… my Sis is using it on a daily basis, and though she finds it ok enough, the foundie seems to oxidise through the day, and doesn’t last as long (as compared to her previous powder foundie-Dior extreme fit)..looking forward to your review of this foundie!

    • Hello Sophia =)
      Initially, I got it to set the Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation but due to no time in the morning, I use it on its own..
      LOL.. always no time..
      So far so good but as you mention, it doesn’t stay well..
      Sad really because I really like the texture =(
      Will write about this foundation soon..

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