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Christian Louboutin & Jo Malone Are Next To Each Other

It’s like a dream come true.

I bought a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps last week!! They are still brand new in box actually, haven’t had the chance to parade with them, yet. Everytime I walk pass Christian Louboutin, I go in to look at those amazing shoes. I never tried them on until the day I got them. I wouldn’t say there are the most comfortable shoes made, come on, let’s be realistic, there are 5″ high, how can it be comfortable?

But, they look amazing!!

Love, love, love Christian Louboutin’s signature red soles.

The next thing I can ever dreamt off is to have the man himself autograph my pair of Christian Louboutin Lady Lynch 120 Patent Calf Shoes in Black.

So, next to the Christian Louboutin Boutique at Takashimaya, is Jo Malone. Again, I always go in to look around whenever I pass by but never got anything before until this day. The shop has a very calming and relaxing ambient to it, it makes me feel peaceful and stress-free. Although it’s a shop selling fragrance, the smell is not overpowering, if you know what I mean.

Picture above is not taken by me and it’s not the boutique in Singapore. Just want to showcase how the space feels – tranquillity really.

The Jo Malone fragrances are categorised into six families, namely: Citrus, Fruity, Light Floral, Floral, Spicy and Woody. Each of these six fragrance family carries a distinct and unique character for individuals.

I picked up their latest member, the English Pear & Freesia Cologne (found under the Fruity Family) which combines the notes of amber and patchouli with the scent of just-ripe pears and delicate white freesias. The smell is really fresh – think of morning breeze in Spring on a sunny Sunday, the first thing you wake up to, still in bed surrounded by luscious duvet and puffed pillows.

I also picked up the Vanilla & Anise Home Candle (found under the Spicy Family). When lit, you can taste the top notes of Star Anise, the heart notes of Purple Vanilla Orchid and the base notes of Vanilla Bourdon. It’s fresh and modern scent create an ambience that is compelling to the senses, sensual and soothing.

These are shoppings from my Christmas Wishlist =) Two down, a few more to go.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin & Jo Malone Are Next To Each Other

  1. Louboutin! Now you’ve just got Choo & Manolo to complete your posh shoes collection.

    English Pear will be nice in warmer climate, juicy fresh & sweet; Vanilla & Anise is a sensual fragrance that can be too heady in hot weather, but will make a great home scent

    • I would totally go for CL flats if I am taller..
      They will be sooooo much more worth it and comfy!!
      I was tidying up my home the other day and used English Pear all over the duvet and sofa, it smells sooooooo good!!
      Will be picking the candle up soon, after I am done with the vanilla one =)

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